Aerial of Woodstock 1969

Damn! Festivals now a days are great and the togetherness that you can feel from the sweat and sound and love from all over can…lighten your day…for lack of a better term. But this is insane! Everyone has seen and heard of the century changing event that occurred up in upstate New York back in 1969, and even maybe have seen the documentary highlighting all the musicians and speeches, but to see this!

Look at ALL those people! Forget the music! This was just an all out gathering! I’ve never seen such a mass of folks all there for three sole purposes…peace, love and music! As Green Day so eloquently put it… “We are the bastards of 19-69.” Now I know where that lyric has so much of its base. Forget just the summer of ‘69 (all do respect to Bryan Adams)…this is the epicenter. Love you San Francisco…but Damn! Go New York!


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