Miami playing QB Song…on his leg!

There is so much I love about this.  Miami wins on last second throw which was insane…first time in like a millenia…which is insane…Miami might be back…which is insane…they have a piece of jewelry they pass around to their defense when a turnover happens…which is insane…and then this guy.  The defensive front lineman gets there to the FSU quarterback and sacks him for a loss.  Now it could have just stopped there, and moved on…but no.  It’s Miami!  He decides to take the leg of the quarterback…which he used to bring him down…and play a little tune on it…because you know…there are no guitars on the college football field to play.

What song do you think was going through his head while he sat there?  “Creep” or “Little Miss Sunshine” or “Why Can’t We be Friends” or “This little light of mine” or maybe something a little harder like “One” or “No Sleep Till Brooklyn.”  Maybe he was just trying to figure out how to go from Cmajor to Gmajor and didn’t have his personal Martin handy.  You never know.  He was waiting for people to get off him…so he had some time to spare.


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