Quick Hit – Creepier Photo Today? Probably not…

This might be…the day is still young…it might be the creepiest photo of the day, and with the context of what the article is actually reporting on, might be the grossest.  Lice is just a phenomenon I don’t have too much experience with since I lost the follicular challenge a long long long time ago.  But this here, having to tell us all this with a creepy display of rubber faced bozos, most notably ones in which we see in the national media each day is quite disturbing.  “Now imagine them all with LICE.”  Sounds like the begining to some low-budget horror movie to me.  We could call it… “The bugs!”  Tagline:  “They come at night…they sneak in your hair…and then they feed on your blood!”  cue Vincent Van Gogh laugh.  Is that the Saw puppet near the Monsters/Zombies guy near some deranged clown figure?  I mean come on.  What a display!


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