What is this?!? – New Watch HR program!

This is really really cool! So I got an update to my Apple Watch and Apple Watch app a few days ago, and now after my most recent workout…this thing showed up! I mean I thought it was pretty cool to know my average HR and just have a general sense of what I’m doing down there, but to see the increase and overall progression during the workout?!? Oh man! Pretty cool!

Only problem here…so let’s say I’m watching some scary movie and by accident I turn on the exercise app? I don’t want to accidentally have my wife or daughter see that my HR spiked super high during the freakout moments! I gotta be super cool Dad, whose cool and sleuthy all the time. Smooth baby! It would look like the Rocky Mountains if they saw that! I need it to look like the flats of the ocean beach!

I guess it’s also good to make sure you’re healthy and that you’re not working out too hard and that you are maximizing your efforts and blah blah blah. But seriously…I think Apple is missing out there on that Dad in the scary movie market! You gotta be cool! I could be your new Apple star here!


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