ATL – United – Keepin it together!

This team, this city, this sport! This is it right here. You want to see what happens after football goes the way of baseball? Notice I’m not saying football is going to die off, and no one is going to watch. What I’m saying is that football has an older aging population and health and human sacrifice are really things this millennial generation are pretty concerned about.

So what’s next? Atlanta United soccer! Look at what this team has done, continues to do and is causing in what is primarily the hub for the southeast! Did we mention that the southeast is the hub for basically football across the nation? Go ahead…give me another place and I’ll rival it with Atlanta any day of the week. Every high school has a team, and every college wishes they were Georgia and Alabama.

But here! Soccer is becoming king…strike that…a really really close knight or something. It’s got a ways to become king, but there is a speck of light at the end of the tunnel if the MLS continues to thrive and these boys here in Atlanta continue to do so. I mean 70 grand at a soccer game in Atlanta?!? Are you kidding!

They signed on Carlos Bocanegra to an extension, so it looks like this key piece to not just the ATL soccer teams success but the US soccers success in bringing World Cup venues to the peach state is in place!Bring on the World Baby! See what football can do with those crazy soccer fans all over! Ole indeed!


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