I wish I was Aaron Rodgers…Are you kidding me?!?

This guy can do no wrong.  It was like watching the Super Bowl this past year, and seeing the Patriots down 28-3 to the Falcons and just knowing there was too much time left on the clock for Tom Brady.  Aaron Rodgers, who is probably living one of the greater lifestyles right now, chatting with ladies, playing the guitar, jamming away at his estate in Wisconsin, or one of his many estates, and being the king of an entire state.  He can do no wrong up there in the great North.

With 2:00 left to play today…I mean come on.  Dak knew it…Ezekial knew it…Jason Whitten knew it…the coach knew it…the defense was hoping, but in the end…they already knew what was going to happen…and it did.  Rodgers took the Packers all the way down the field…did a try-out toss to #17 in the corner just to give the cornerback a false sense of pride and hope…and then tossed a perfectly placed pass right into the wide receiver’s front lapel pocket.  Again…it was just un-real…but was it?  At this point, in which last year he tossed two more hail mary touchdowns right on the money to his receivers…was it un-real?  Or…as stated above, should we just know that this type of stuff is going to happen for the foreseeable future to any team that leaves that much time left for Mr. Rodgers and friends to come down the field 75 yards or less for some time to score to tie or take the lead.

In the end…you did too well Dallas.  Dak…you scored too early!  Next time sit down and just take the sack.  It’ll save you from the upending loss that you already knew was coming.  Stinks it was at home too.  All of North Texas went silent at the 0:11 mark, and the cows rode home.  I can smell the beer cheese soup wafting its way all the way down south flirting with Rodgers to bring home those big boys for a celebratory schlacking of cheese curds.


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