In 1492…This Guy sailed the ocean blue and we can’t find his boats…

Yep…it’s that shoppers holiday when we celebrate the man, the myth, the legend, of Christopher Columbus…the Italian explorer who asked Spain for a loan. Sounds good so far. Let’s not focus today on all that transpired after that and how it has impacted hundreds of years of things which we all would like to go back and change a few times over…but anyways. How bout them three ships!

They did have cool names…Nina…Pinta and the grand one of all…La Santa Maria! Ironically enough they do all rhyme and flow like a song. Wonder if one was called Ghoulash, Fizzle and Pinto what type of songs we would be singing now about Columbus’ voyage across the great big blue. Supposedly those ships are still somewhere down in the deep of the Caribbean just waiting to be found. Check out the National Geographic story.

Why Haven’t We Found Christopher Columbus’s Ships? – National Geographic

So in the end…enjoy that fact that someone had to find the Americas. Let’s be happy it was Columbus, and go find a sale somewhere to spend some money in his name. And don’t forget the infamous Sopranos episode in which we see how to fight for what we believe in…in this case…Columbus Day! Thank you Tony.


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