It’s a Bird! No really…

It is something to wonder…why would anyone shout up in the air that they saw a bird? There are thousands of birds…ok well maybe about 50 or so that one person might see in the air at a given day. Even then, they would have to be looking up into the sky at the moment a bird flew by and even then…for them to shout out and exclaim to the world they saw, “a bird” would pretty much be the weirdest thing everyone around them would have seen that day!

“Honey…you’re not going to believe this. Today, some nut job stopped everyone in the middle of the sidewalk in downtown Manhattan to shout out that they saw some pigeon flying way up there with the window washers! I mean…dude needs to be committed to Bellview!”

Now let’s re-write those infamous lines of script for the Man of Steels entrance shall we?:

1950’s: “It’s a falling piece of lumber! Watch out!” Or “It’s a UFO!”

1990’s: “It’s a deranged rocket throwing their guitar out the window during a recording session!”

2010’s: “It’s a drone!!!”

There. Now we’re good for the big ol guy from the daily planet to swoop on in.


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