Running Locale – Savannah!

Man oh man! There is so much to say about running in this town that I may have to do two versions of this running locale. Savannah is just incredible. First off, because let’s just get away from the food, people, atmostsphere, and all the sideline stuff that just make this city pretty much the coolest place in the southeast, let’s just focus on the runs.

So…let’s say your staying downtown. Near the river…or near SCAD (arts school…watch out for people art in the squares). Now…you want to run near the river or in the squares? Because you have the choice! They’re both right there and can both give you incredible views and distractions.

Now…if you do pick the river…I highly recommend you get across the cobblestoned street to the river walk so you don’t trip and fall. Just sayin.

The squares are magical! Magical? Well…you get it. Each one has it’s own meaning and history and statues or monuments or buildings or people or turnarounds. You could spend miles going through all of them!

Now…for the biggest square of all..head over for a long run to Forsyth Park! All the way up and all the way down! It’s an incredible run taking in all that the park has to offer on this huge rectangle right in the middle of the historic part of the city.

You know what? Let’s stop there…and just focus on downtown, and we can bring up the other neighborhoods another time…cause while your out exploring these areas…look out for ghouls and ghosts and girl scouts. You’ll understand when you get there. Drink some tea while you’re at it.


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