Chicken from Hell!!!

No seriously! In what world would you want to walk into this place?!? My dad grew up working the barns as a kid and had to work with the chickens. He tells horror stories of having to get them out of their pens to get the eggs and to clean up. To this day…he still savors every bite of chicken he eats! The man is almost 70! That’s a hell of a grudge!

Why would anyone want a chicken whirling a buzzsaw at them, even if it is Halloween haunted house season?!? Look…I’ve been to my share of haunted houses and scare fests…and complete transparency…flat out hated all of them. No reason here to go see the new Saw movie or even the previous 10! Never had a reason to see Freddy or Jason or Michael or Jack or even Sharknado!

So to continue that trend…no reason to see a zombie slayed dead to the bone chicken wanting to suck my brains out and eat them before I fry him up in my sandwich!


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