Ear buds from Bose? Yes please!

From a running perspective I’ve always been the kind that really just hates being attached to anything. If it’s outside you’ll hear my wife complain that I literally don’t even have a scrap of paper telling people who I am let alone a full blown phone to keep me company. Look twenty years later I’m doing alright.

Inside it ain’t much better. Don’t get me wrong I bring the phone now because it gives me a place to put the big ol honking thing, but the headphones piece always got me “wrapped up.” Pun intended. It was always a “drag” having to manipulate the moving arms past the lengthy chords coming from the ear jacks and making sure I wasn’t going to send my phone or head flying off the side!

Got myself a cheap pair of earbuds here a few months back and absolutely love them! They were so cheap from amazon I can’t even remember the brand…but they work! Now the Apple ones look ok, and seem to not be causing major problems for folks, but to hear below that Bose is coming out with a pair?!? Yes please! Hey! I’ll do a review for you guys if you send me a free pair! Please oh please?!?

Watch Out AirPods, Here Comes Bose



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