Egypt, World Cup, Penalty Kick, Chills!

Do I have any connection whatsoever to Egypt’s soccer bid for the World Cup? Heck No! But that’s why we love sports. This insane “moment” … because that’s ultimately what it all boiled down to was an insane moment, embodies why I can never turn away from this stuff.

The pure emotion this Egyptian soccer player gets from scoring the goal, then being bumrushed by his teammates, then being tackled by close by fans must be absolutely one of the coolest feelings one could experience in the entire world! Now multiply this reaction 100fold and that’s what you would get if the US ever came even remotely close to winning the World Cup! It would be like the 1980 Miracle on Ice all over again!

Hey USA…take a look and take notice of what this means to these Egyptian fans! Look at the sheer joy and crying triumph from grown men about having their home country team win and advance! Bring on the Grant Park parties and Piedmont watch a thons for the worlds sport. If we just harness the minuscule of talent in this country…imagine what this highlight could mean here…it would be explosive!

It would be unbelievable!

It would be a miracle!


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