Jarret Jack! New QB for the Giants! I mean guard for the Knicks!

My goodness Jarret Jack! Did the guys at Georgia Tech not teach you about acceleration velocity and deceleration velocity and arc movement and aerodynamics! I mean whoa! This “launch” into the stratosphere of the Garden was absolutely a Knicks thing to do!

It’s so horrible that the professional team from New York has become an adjective for horrifying play. But consider this heave! Who was he aiming for? Was there a guy not tipping his beer provider appropriately and Jack decided to knock him on the head? Ok…then I get it. Thank Mr. Jack for protecting the unwritten rules of beer proprietor tipping.

Other than that…let’s keep those heaves to a minimum. This thing would have been good from 20 rows behind his own out of bounds line. Maybe he should play QB for the Jets…just sayin…


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