Don’t be that guy… “On your left!”

With all do respect to Ryan Hall, Galen Rupp and to the man Meb…we have all been the slower of say a pack of runners to some extent. Everyone gets passed. Everyone has to take a step back and allow the faster runner to go by and just know you’re not going to be able to catch up to them. It happens! It’s ok!

Just re-watched this movie (winter soldier) the other day, and totally forgot about this scene! We’ve all had this guy…no…not you falcon…that comes up and says “On your left” passing us in that general direction. Now…for safety purposes…a single time of notification and if there are more runners around or people or dogs…fine. Hell…if I’m in the zone and don’t hear anything around me…then it is nice to hear just the call of an upcoming pass so I don’t freak out and throw an arm in their face.

But come on! Passing a guy, multiple times (say on a track) and continually stating thus passage will be on the left side is downright evil! First your allowing me to see your superior athletic ability which even for the most non-egotistic people out there can get quite annoying…and second a monotonous repetitive sound effect of degradation really brings down the run.

So please…please…if you’re in this situation…give me one call. Let me know your there…and don’t bother with a second…I’ll take my chances on the freak out!


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