Just sittin in my boat, floatin with my light…

Man oh man to be this guy…just relaxing and fishing and boating and moving and flying along. He’s obviously got this thing figured out on his side. We live different lives and different outcomes, and he probably has no idea what the internet is or where to get it, but let me tell you…he looks happy.

What would it take? What would it take for a millennial or someone so engrained into the technology today to just let go and go become a fisherman who gets by with just a little light hanging on his boat. The boat is barely a boat at that too! It’s got no sides and barely a bottom and he’s just sittin on top floating along.

We get relaxed at the sheer sight of the beach and ocean! What would get this guy relaxed? A view from the empire state building? Is he so in tune with his chi that he is just at a pulse rate of 30 all day long? This is a cool job and I would think it safe to say a pretty cool character!


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