Mike Leach…Honorary World Problem Solver!

Thank you God we get to see him again. Mike Leach needs to have the honorary title of World Problem Solver. We can make it a cabinet position in either our government or the United Nations. He doesn’t need an office. Just a Pirate Ship off the coast of…let’s say…Key West…and we just let him solve the world’s concerns.

Today? The college football playoff:

Tomorrow…who knows? Just picture it. You could have two World Leaders walk onto the ship. There would be Captain Leach, standing at a podium or just behind a big oak desk in the back of the boat, and he would hear them out. Then, and only when it is silent, he would proceed to give a speech on what they were now going to do, and each leader would walk away with a keen understanding and actually feel better about the entire situation of what they were to do moving forward.

You could even make it as simple as a mother and a child working out an issue about washing the dishes at the house. They board the ship and Captain Leach proceeds to discuss with the mother the benefits of children eating off of dirty plates and how that builds germs in their body to ward off diseases. She would then proceed back to the house having a better understanding of why the children do not need to wash their dishes.

Mike Leach…World Problem Solver…I’m in!


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