Skywalk cracking? China! What the heck!

Having been to the top of some of the tallest structures in the world I am absolutely sure in saying that heights are not my most favorite thing. I’ve actually even worked for an adventure group leading high ropes courses and zip lines and even then I was always sure to make tight the straps that were holding my nice little booty in place. Now looky here what this engineer did!

Some genius in China has decided to take a skywalk, which in it of itself is absolutely terrifying…as you can tell by the slow movement of the passerbys, and computerize the weight differential to initiate a screen cracking sequence! Yep…all that mumbo jumbo means…when you step on it…it looks like the glass is cracking!!!! Right under your feet! So long! Goodbye to the depths below…or so you think.

Why oh why! Can’t we just be scared of being on the glass floor in the first place? There are some pools and hot tubs now on huge skyscrapers that have the clear bottom to the street below. Yeah…no thanks man. Something about tons of weight in the pool plus me stepping in just doesn’t float my boat (pun intended).

Next time computer guy…just leave the fancy graphics out of it, and let the old guy…who as you can see got real freaked out about it…alone. It’s still pretty freakin terrifying without the impending death sequence!


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