Swiss Sewage Bank Account?

So because of the watch and refinery industry, there is a new way to gain money in the land of interest via Swiss bank accounts. No…you are not going to have to get some sort of weird lock and key combination from a long lost relative and head to some sort of dark and gleam bank house in which you will find a lock box with your treasures and troves in it.

However…you will have to swim and sift through sewage….and you are only going to get roughly $2mil from the entire year of doing this, and that the total amount sifted through for the entire country. Apparently though it does truly exist!

So…let’s say you just want a six figure salary and don’t mind the smell and dampness of Swiss excrement, go for it! Look for those tiny gold flecks being trickled off the watches and refineries into the water system. Wouldn’t you think the companies could find some way of holding onto and melting down that 2 million extra dollars of waste? I’m thinking they need some sort of six sigma class to cut back here.

Scientists find gold worth $2 million in Swiss sewage – CNN Money


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