Interesting…no race…still a runner?

Runners World always makes you think…don’t they? Here in this scenario they pose an interesting question as to really just out there in the universe. There really is no right or wrong answer, and to be honest, it is just generally how you feel about this great piece of exercise so many of use to grind out and combat ourselves with everyday.

Do you have to race in order to be a runner? Well short answer is no! I mean I can’t tell you how long the time span might have been between races for me when the kids were young, and there literally just wasn’t time to take 2-3 hours out of my day to travel somewhere and take part with 1,000 of my closest sweaty compadres.

What was all that time in between? Not running? The daily grind of plugging out 3-5-7-9 here and there just to get a good workout in? I mean some of us literally just run to eat! Me being one of them! That’s what I tell myself while I’m grabbing that snickers bar here and there.

Now…do I enjoy a race every now and then? Sure! Most of my PRs come in races and it’s always great to support some kind of cause and get some kind of swag.

But, come on…who can afford races all year long…taking time to do them…and putting all those bibs somewhere? Get off your high horse! Just go out and run.


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