No other reason than to post a picture and story of Arnold eating a pretzel from Munich…

Yes…the story is a political story about Arnold’s post governor life and political atmostsphere. They talk about Germany, they talk about Trump, and they talk about what’s next. I really don’t care about most of that unless it becomes impactful to our lives here personally. That may sound horrific and pretty “younger generation-ish,” but call me when the old guys stop fighting.

So why post this story? Because it talks about 1) the terminator, 2) Arnold, 3) Trump being attacked, which even though he is the president, it is comical who comes after him, and 4) a picture of pretzels being eaten in Germany.

That’s it! No push right or left…just something to start your day.

The Strange Political Afterlife of Arnold Schwarzenegger – POLITICO


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