Won’t use a phone arm band…but might use these…

You know I was listening to the radio today, and they had this Shark Tank guy on…Kevin O’something or other.  Sorry…don’t really watch the show.  But I do respect the concept of developing a product and then having the great opportunity of presenting it to some investors.  I mean that’s America…isn’t?  This article made me immediately think of this specific scenario.

Being a minimalist at heart…barely wanting to carry even my watch when I go for a run…the idea of actually strapping something on…like a phone is just downright absurd.  The armbands that are out there, and that so many friends have had strapped on them look like giant bricks on sweaty arms.  Sorry…but just not the weight lifting I would want to have accompany me on a run.

Now respecting the fact that there are huge benefits of brining a phone along on some of these longer runs…if not just for safety…it would be nice to find some way to still reap those benefits without adding an “arm” day into the schedule.  I think we may have found it.  These compression shorts (which would help any person who has the unfortunate skin that chafes easily…you’re speaking to one)…look pretty close to something that might be able to provide the phone/pocket benefit and not interrupt the run too much.  All it has is a little side pocket!  I think I can handle that!

Hey guys!  Send me a pair and I’ll let you know!  Just sayin…




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