Bears don’t sleep all winter?!? – Mind Blown!

This story made me hark back to my childhood watching a muppets movie in which they are trying to get all the guys back together to put on a show at some run down theatre and they’ve all gone their separate ways. As a kid you can’t go wrong with muppets! I mean they’ve stopped jewel thieves, gotten married, and had Christmas carols! What’s left? Saved the world? Wait…did they do that already? Anyways…

In this specific movie, Fozzy the bear has found some other bears, most notably during the winter season and they are in the midst of what little kids were taught was hibernating! They’re all asleep! Fozzy can’t sleep though, so he writes Kermit a letter. So growing up…this made quite the impression and it’s what I pictured if I had ever wandered into a bear cave during these cold months to come. Bears…sleeping…for four to six months!

Well per National Geographic…turns out I’m wrong! Sometimes I don’t like it when science takes away childhood wishwash and makes it reality. Apparently their heart rates go super low and in some animals their brain activity isn’t even measurable! That’s insane! Sometimes on a tough run I wish I could make my heart rate go real slow…might make that hill a little easier.

Animals Don’t Actually Sleep for the Winter, and Other Surprises About Hibernation – National Geographic


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