Fried Apple Pies…oh yeah! – Reason to Run

It’s that time of year!…and on one specific weekend…doesn’t always have to be the same one…just has to be this time of year, the family gets in the car, could be all of us, or some additional folks, but we always go…right up here in the mountains…head to the nearest Apple farm and flat out get fat!

Yes…do we walk far and pick loads of pecks (that’s what a bag of apples is called) and haul those back to the car for future baked goods and Apple concoctions. Yes…do we visit the petting zoo, and Apple cannon, and Apple rides and pony shtuff…and Apple this and Apple that which brings the dollar signs out, but is well worth it…of course!

Do you know why?!?

It’s friggin Apple Pie Day!

Every year we go there, do all the other stuff just so I get the chance to stand in line and order this wonderful sweet masterpiece of fried dough, fresh apples, sugar, and who cares what else. It’s amazing! I run so I can have at least two! I run so I can wash it down with an amazing Apple cider slushy! I run so that the rest of the year I don’t feel bad about how I felt on apple pie day! It’s my holiday!

So be American! Find this masterpiece! And kick back and indulge…for it only comes in the fall…and fall and apples go together…well…like apple pie and ice cream! Mmmmm.


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