Skimboard Up! Dreads down!

There are so many reasons to love this video. Let’s take it that first he is absolutely heading right for this wave with what seems all the gusto he has left…which looks a little funny since he’s sprinting down the beach barefoot and holding a skim board!

Second…he’s got dreads down to his butt! That’s a hell of a lifestyle and grit in going full in to making that hairstyle last! That’s not just one of those where you can let it go and get all nappy long hair. That’s a dude who has twisted and turned and sapped and curled his dreads for years and years!

Third…he’s flying off that skimboard! Goes right up into the air to take full advantage of the height he has achieved and lands flat in the water! That’s like finding a ledge off into a river or lake that’s got a twenty foot drop and you know the bottom isn’t right under that muck. You’re good to go!

Finally…he’s livin the lifestyle! On the beach…dreads in hand…skimboard all waxed up…flying in the ocean…and he gets on Sportscenter! Yep…my idol indeed! Keep on keepin on. One love…one love indeed.

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Nailed it. #SCtop10 (via @austinkeen47)

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