Axel Rose and P!nk…now…sigh

These two have incredible voices. Stop. These two are icons of the music industry. Stop. These two are able to take pretty much any song and make it sound heavier and rock harder than any other artist save Lemmy and James Hetfield and Dave Grohl. Stop.

Then why is it that when I see this video of them performing together I am still wishing for days past when they were both still in their prime!

Axel I feel like we lost a decade of unbelievable music because of the stupid bickering GnR did about upcoming albums and reunions and who knows what else. We were on a family trip here recently and found a playlist dubbed Rock Anthems. It was incredible and when November Rain came on, we turned up the music and reminisced at least three different times hitting repeat about days of MTV videos past on that incredible song! Where did it all go? Dude needs to fix something.

And P!nk…well…she’s actually never let it go. It’s been fun to watch her skyrocket from what she was to what she is and take over the scene every time she puts something out. Talk about empowering the movement and good running songs. Try some of hers!


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