Mountain Lion vs Zebra…you think you know!

See…you think you know what happened after this picture! Of course you think this female lion just ravaged the Zebra like the Alabama defense has been doing to other schools QBs all year. You think she got the horse like creature dragged it back to the den and let her little cubs feast! You think you know that she got those cubs all fat and happy and they grew up to be lionesses just like their mom and big cat lions like their dad! You think you know then those kiddos went out and got some of their own Zebras and the circle of life went on!

You think you know all this!

Well this lioness…probably did all that.

But just what if…the next thing she saw was the back hoof of the Zebra right in her teeth! What if she went crying back to the den after being pelted by a flying back kick like we see so many drunkards getting done to themselves after a Thursday night out at the local college bar and then they head out to Farmer Johns to see if they can wrangle a cow?!? Like that! What if!!! But probably not…Circle of Life man…Circle of Life.

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Photos by @jonathan_irish // This was the moment that decided it all…whether the zebra would escape or succumb. The lioness had waited patiently, all by herself, underneath the tree near the watering hole. Downwind and in full stealth mode, the zebra had not seen her as they walked to get a much needed drink of water in the blazing African sun. Water is life, but it can also bring with it great risk. Seemingly out of nowhere and to the great surprise of the zebra, she made an all-out fierce charge…choosing an unsuspecting young zebra from the crowded watering hole. Chaos ensued…water, dust, and emotions were violently shot into the air as zebra scattered in every direction. She never took her eyes or aim off her chosen prey. All that was left was the battle between this young and scared zebra fighting for his/her life, and this ambitious and hungry lioness. And then came this moment, a courageous well-timed back kick by the zebra just as the lion made a full lunge onto her back to take her down once and for all. It was just enough to thwart the attack and gain a little distance in this life or death struggle. The lioness never regained the lost ground…the zebra continued to run like the wind. The moment was gone…the struggle (for both species) continues. Such is life, in all its scary beauty, on the African plains. (Scroll right to see the entire sequence play out)

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