Running attire to a whole new level…

So we’ve all thought hard about what is going to be laid out the night before for the jog or sprint or race or track session. Usually it’s our favorite stinky brand of shorts and shirts crumpled up next to our shoes with a pair of high or low tech socks to make sure our feet don’t stink too much and our significant other or dog doesn’t get too offended whenst we return from said exercise.

Well for a recent half marathon this guy took it to a whole new level, and it looks like there have been numerous attempts done with this in mind before. This guy just ran a half marathon in an unbelievable time of 1:11! Now that alone is one to be pretty impressed with noted by the guy on the picture on his knees trying to catch his breath.

No this guy…decided to break this prestigious record of speed by running that unreal time…in a suit! I hate wearing a suit! It’s constrictive and annoying and on a normal day it doesn’t breathe at all. I can’t imagine the chafing and sweat problems this guy must have been having wearing this tight knit tie laced piece of fabric all over! I mean what is the deal?!? Well…Guinness is gonna look at it, certify it, and place him in their illustrious chronologies. Wonder what his normal PR would be…1:00? My goodness! Give that guy a beer Guinness!


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