Nomad/Sport Apple Watch Band – Gear Review

When I got my Apple Watch Series 2 here a few months back I pretty much loved everything about! It was slick, sweet, integrated into my phone, and for fitness purposes allowed this non technical runner to take my training to literally the next level. Now notice I said “pretty much” loved everything about it. There was always something that bothered me about the watch and how it came from Apple, and even the 3rd party pieces affiliated with it. Why in the heck couldn’t someone make a thicker band for thicker wrists!

The thin tapered bands always looked so silly and ridiculous on larger arms like you were wearing some sort of ladies watch band with a mans watch face! Give me some girth! Give me some flow! Give me something to take on the day-thickness!

Well I think I found it. The Nomad-Sport Watch band, which came out in July is the perfect fit for those with say “larger” needs. It’s got a great thick band that looks smooth right up to the Apple Watch without a pinching Apple standard band taper. The Nomad has a sleek look with a green that almost makes it look like the Nike version.

With its silicone make, it won’t feel harsh or stiff, and won’t get in the way of your arms flailing all over. Hooks in nicely on the bottom notches and overall is pretty sweet. Nomad’s got a good one here!


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