This isn’t just Falcons football…it’s all of football!

Someone from Barstool posted a fairly accurate rendition of Kramer emulating what it’s like to watch Falcons football, but I would believe it would be safe to say it’s pretty damn accurate that it’s emulating all football!

On Saturday, seven ranked teams lost…which is a record…which means that it’s all a kerflugin! Not one sane person has any idea who is going to be in the CFB playoff. It’s a joke if you think you do. Maybe Alabama has what it takes, but if they lose to Auburn would we be the least bit surprised or lose to UGA in Atlanta? How about Clemson…oh wait…they got Clemsoned on Friday.

The NFL is just as crazy! At one point today after the Dolphins beat the Falcons…yes…the Dolphins beat the Falcons…the entire AFC East was 3-2. Yes…that division includes the team that many thought might have a shot at 18-0, and then three other teams that had a good shot at going 0-16. OK…maybe not that bad, but still.

What’s the point? Not a single person knows! Oh…and by the way…Aaron Rodgers is now done for the season! Bye Bye Green Bay!


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