A millennial is going to rule the world…well not yet…

For real though, this Austrian diplomat will now become the youngest person to lead a European country! And we’re not talking one of those small little guys! It’s Austria!!! Remember them? He looks like a pretty big superstar in the making unless he gets burned out because he can’t get WiFi somewhere like my kids.

I mean let’s see here…at 27 he was negotiating nuclear arms deals with Iran and John Kerry, then elected the Foreign Minister, and now four years later about to lead an entire country! I know people at 27 that haven’t left their parents basements and eat Taco Bell and Mountain Dew all day and play video games!

He also stands behind a desk…notice not sit…and flies economy! While other countries have diplomats arguing about flying private jets…notice I said diplomats…plural…because there were two of them in a scandal!

Everyone says millennials are ruining it all from the economy to healthcare to whatever else they can think of, but maybe…just maybe if there are a handful like this guy…we’ve all got a chance…just sayin’

31-Year-Old Poised to Become 1st Millennial to Lead a European Country – NBC News



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