Hiking, running, walking in the dark…to a surprise!

The question posed by backpacker is one that you just have to think real hard about. Asking a friend this question actually on Thursday after being bombarded by no less than 5 spider webs on a morning run! These weren’t your small little ones either…these were the giant looks like it took them 5 days to make webs! With giant spiders on them that look like they’re about to eat my face! Gotta love the south…

Now hiking in at dark hopefully you’ve already had someone clear that path for you, and you won’t have to be succumbed to the wonderful feeling of webs in the face heaven…or hell…however you see it. Just know when you wake up in the morning to whatever beauty there is to behold you will probably have something to walk through…unless your buddy goes first! Rock Paper Scissors!


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