Our DNA is how long?

Science just absolutely is baffling sometimes. Take those old school Pete I dishes and gel electrophoresis assays…yeah man…those! And those dead feral pigs and you’ve got a hell of a biology lab! What more could you ask for?

But looks at this! If you were to take all our DNA and lay it out end on end it would be six feet long!!! That’s Cell to Cell! All we are are really Long big computers I guess with huge motherboards and programming that can get us from point A to point B everyday…some a little more efficiently than others.

This also made me think about what folks would tell you and of course when you see it now on an episode of Game of Thrones about innards being extrapolated out of someone’s gullet. Lay those bad boys out and it stretches on for miles it seems like. All steamy and gross! Yech!

In the end…just lay it out and we are just linear pieces of biological matter floating toward an end goal…More food!



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