Marathon vs Half (a real scientific study!)

For real! Someone compared runners doing both these distances in a sanctioned race in a true to form journaled scientific study! Physiologically based outcomes and data and all that Jazz! Now…from what I can gather it seems like the data wasn’t enormously groundbreaking and the outcomes didn’t really produce much that a common sensed person didn’t already know or care too much about…but they did it!

In general…the half was easier than the full! The halfers were able to keep their pace longer…the fullers weren’t!

For real though…the article is short, sweet and to the point and does discuss some physiological breakdowns of what they found. Most notably…at least I think…was that both racers were at the same hydration levels in that they were not dehydrated significantly! That is definitely not true of my first marathon in which when I finished I drank an elephants guts worth!

Half’s I’m getting much better at the liquid intake. Anyways…

So check out the science!


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