Other schools have recreation…CSU in Ft. Collins has…

You got that right! CSU in Ft Collins…the home of fat tire beer and the town of which Disney World modeled their Main Street after…has launched into a new online venture. Everyone’s banking on the college degree online and going back to get that first, second, third or graduate diploma. Colorado State just made theirs pretty much what you would be expecting from Colorado State.

Now let’s see…could it be farming? Or…agriculture?…or business? All of these would be fine degrees to have from CSU…but nope! They went with absolutely the purest Colorado thing out here….Marijuana Studies! Just kidding! But that would be funny…some kind of alternative agriculture. No for Real though…graduate certificate in Adventure Tourism!!! Well that sounds like the coolest degree in the World! And the slackerist! I’m there!!


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