This ones all about timing or this guy would be flattened like cheese!

Dudes first off running towards the car…then decides to do a somersault flip jump thingy to make sure he clears the car! The car driver has enough gall to go ahead and have to drive fast enough so that the jump the dude makes is going to have enough time to clear and the car be gone! Are you serious?!!

I’m pretty sure this is all being done at Indy where those nutjobs drink all the milk they want after winning those races, and then bend down to kiss the bricks. This guy should get all the whole chocolate milk he wants for pulling off this stunt!

I just can’t keep myself from thinking of all the times I’ve stayed running…and just by chance happened to lean forward to much or catch a lip on my shoe, or just something basic that throws the timing off…so that here…sayonara buddy boy!…you’re a bug on that cars windshield!


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