You have to do it…want to…but can’t seem to…

Look, life is pretty fast…if you don’t stop and take a look a while, you’ll miss something…or whatever the Ferris Bueller quote is (man I love the fact that an unknown Ben Stein is the teacher in that movie literally giving us some of the best Teacher quotes for the next thirty years!!!… “anyone”). But this is all about something that 99% of us I would say are absolutely not getting! Especially the early morning runner who takes part before we get our day moving at a rapid pace with work, kids, activities, meals, etcetera…this study tells us the basics…it tells us the one thing that is plaguing the free world and what we need to do to be healthier people…but we can’t!…get more sleep!!

Seriously! It says it’s that easy. Just get 8 hours, and you’ll be alright! You’ll be ship shape to be top of the hill raring to go! No problem!

So…let’s backtrack this here on a typical day. Start the day at 5:00-5:30 to get the morning run in, so that would peg a be asleep time of 9:00. OK…let’s see if we can hit that. To save the minutia, let’s start after lunch. Finish work…get Home between 530-630. Traffics a bear! Now…at least one kid has activities a day that go till 630-645. Hopefully someone’s home starting dinner….probably eating by 7:00-7:15. OK. So far so good. Now…relax time or finish homework time with the kids till 8:00. Getting close here. Now it’s bath time and bed time. That’s about 30 minutes right there…8:30. Then we have asleep by 8:45…so…I’ve got 15 minutes to brush my teeth, slow my body down, finish cleaning up from dinner, get dressed, mind you no TV shows or sports games can be watched…or read a book…straight to the pillow…every night to hit that bed by 9:00. More like 10:00-10:30! Close…but no cigar!

Gotta get better I guess or I might pass out on my run. So if you do see a sleepwalking runner out there, just point me home please. Thanks! My kids would appreciate it.

Sleep Scientist Warns Against Walking Through Life ‘In An Underslept State’ – NPR


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