Camaraderie…around a game…and it’s not monopoly!…such a good commercial!

I love this commercial! There is so much going on here. First off, it’s a true “we’re getting the band back together” montage of thirty somethings playing Call of Duty. Do they really know each other? Who cares!

The egotistical primary alpha leader starts it up and gains all their respect. Goes for the dude in 7 eleven, and of course he’s got nothing going on, except maybe a burner in the car later. Head over to the house Dad and grab him from his midlife seeming nightmare to play, go get the girl….who all she needs is a sitter after beating some kids in the arcade at darts…and of course there is an undercurrent of sexual reality scene in which they get the guy who apparently is having an intimate relationship with an older woman and would rather make his new/old friends a spot of tea.

Get back together my friends! It will be truly epic! By the way…while you’re at 7 eleven grab some bags of Cheetos and some Mountain Dew. You’re gonna need it.


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