Robot duel!…felt like a baseball game…

Title line sounds amazing! US vs Japan! Robot Duel to the death…for the robots. Only streamed on YouTube…maybe because of the sheer violence…or more truthfully the sheer boredom! This was absolutely a perfect example of the title being much more exciting that the actual event. Apparently it took over three days to complete the task, in a giant warehouse…and after watching it for a minute…man oh man…you’ve got to be some sort of gear head to enjoy that.

The best part was the announcers and sideline reporters being incredibly excited for these hits and stomps by the robots who were actively moving about 5 mph toward each other with huge arms and treads. I believe the pitching changes in the baseball game last night might have had a little more excitement. Sorry y’all…we aren’t quit to rock em sock em robots quite yet.

The USA vs. Japan giant robot duel showed that making giant robots is hard – The Verge


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