She’s going to run in what?!?

So apparently this lady has decided to run something called the 7 bridges marathon in Chattanooga, in what some would feel is something of a little discomfort…high freakin heels! Are you kidding me?!!

Now if it’s for a cause and she is trying to bring to light something…you know…just like the Vegas stripper did by posting that video of the NFL coach doing coke in his office to bring to light the social injustice in the NFL…then by all means, go for it. Obviously I hope it’s not as convoluted as the previous example.

Causes are great…and because I couldn’t read the full article on this I’m making something of an assumption here…and if she is doing this for one, then that’s awesome! We’ve all seen the troops lugging their packs on races and beating that pavement in their full gear and boots, while we try to find ways to minimize our footwear. They are doing it for their cause, and then the thousands of cancer races out there where we see names on backs and fronts and such…awesome!

So for here…I hope she’s going for a great cause…because if she isn’t…and she’s running in high heels for nothing???…she’s an absolute nutcase! Ouch!


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