Soccer Fans are great…and here’s another reason why…

This guy just doesn’t care…and the best part is that the security obviously either agreed with him about the team playing like crap and being able to literally go over the barrier to tell them, or just didn’t care enough to go get him. It’s just pure greatness from a an perspective!

How many times have you been at a game and just wanted to literally walk down there and tell your players they are playing like total butt cheese with no repercussions?!? The ability to just go up to the coach or favorite player and give some feedback that might help per what your seeing through beer goggles.

The other great piece to this is when the opposing there is a fan on the field they look at the Home players like… “Dude! Get this guy off the field so we can finish!” And then they leave it up to the players!!! Sooooo great! Just sooooo great!


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