A new generation! Not my generation!

Generation Z! It’s here!…and this article pretty much sums up where they are and where they’re going. Essentially a death notice from a millennial to the Z class. It’s an appropriate monologue of where the generation that was blamed for all the wrong doings in the world are headed out the door, and the new influx of marketing personnel’s cash flow needs to be impressing.

Apparently they like Doritos. So good for that! I like Doritos too! But I’m not an 18 year old Senior (the elder Gen Z’s). They are also apparently ruining their lives with smartphones (as I pound away on mine right now – probably ruining my eyesight at that).

As the old Monty Python adage states, “Bring out your dead”… in this case Generation Millenial…and bring in the new guys on the block! ZZ Flops!

Millennials Are Over. It’s Gen Z’s Turn To Ruin Everything. – BuzzFeed News



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