BBs Bagels – Everything w/ Jalapeño Cheddar Cream Cheese – Reason to Run

The description and title alone are literally making my mouth water and slather up as I think about this. This place here in the northern suburbs is an absolute heavenly concoction of Northern attitude and delicious bagels. That is such a simple statement, but for this time around, it literally is just that simple.

The bagels are amazing! Just downright, slap you in the face, warm on your hands amazing!…and the spread selection rivals only literally the actual bagel places in the five boroughs in NYC. If you come at me with… “Well you know Einstein…” just shut it! Don’t ever come at me again! BBs will kick Einstein to the curb any day of the week!

This specific combination right here gives you the perfect blend of traditional bagel Love with a hint of new age flavor that we are experiencing in the last decade. The everything bagel is as traditional as chicken soup…and speaking of…ordering reminds you of the soup Nazi episode from Seinfeld…but then add this jalapeño cheddar spread on it…mmmmmm. That’s uh one spicy meataball! It’s so dang good! I run so that I can eat this whole thing, and not feel guilty about it…at…all!

Just slap me silly and call me sally!

I’ve really got nothing left to say.


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