I guess this is food…but this guy is not making my next meal!

So he likes to forage…I believe that is the term here, and he looks like a fit Santa Claus, and he eats all kinds of stuff and wades through the muck to find it…hmmm…not my cup of tea here. I run so I don’t have to really think about foraging. Closest thing where he and I come together in is visiting the pizza bar or sushi bar at the local Whole Foods!

Dudes got Cattails, ear mushrooms…some sort of flowers…might even be looking for grubs. Remember those from Timon and Pumba? Pick up the log…and you got a ton of buggy grubs! Yech!

Keep on trekking bud, and call me when you get to the Whole Foods and I’ll meet you for some homemade pasta!

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When most of us are hungry for lunch, we pick up supplies at the grocery store or stop by the nearby cafe with the best lunch specials. Not Nick Spero. He goes outside and forages his own meal. Spero is a biologist who's been foraging wild edibles since he was a little kid. He recalls learning about plants from his parents. "My father was born in Sparta [in Greece] and I think that was probably part of how they gathered their food," Spero says. "At an early age, I can remember my father driving down the road and pointing plants out and saying how his mother would want to stop and pick those plants and eat them.” Spero presents programs and leads walks on foraging at the Natural History Society of Maryland, teaching others how to identify a wild edible and the health benefits of eating them. (Editor's note: Spero is a foraging professional and we urge caution when foraging on your own.) Follow the link in our bio for the full video. (Credit: NPR)

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