Slash and Robert Downey Jr…1988…you want to see it!

There’s a few things here to dissect…first, the baby faces of both men who have had quite the lives since this picture was taken in their first heydays! Slash was king of the rock hair band scene with GNR and didn’t even have to wear make up to do it! He had the hair to basically just cover his whole melon and hide away.

RDJ was getting every part he wanted including that crazy movie Soapdish or something or other about the Soap stars and Soap operas…with Sally Field and Kevin Kline and Elizabeth Shue. Remember that one? Oh yeah! Whoopi was in that too! Anyways…he was living large!

So here RDJ sporting the absolutely tail end of a burnt cigarette arms around Slash looking they are about to absolutely rage and Slash laughing his head off at whatever is happening. Then…take notice…Slash…is wearing….a…Metallica shirt! Do you think he secretly actually wanted to be in Metallica and play along side the infamous James Hetfield? Instead of playing alongside the more infamous Axel Rose? Just sayin…


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