Huh…too much caffeine?

At first glance I read this article from CNN and basically pushed it aside and left it to the hundreds if not thousands of times someone somewhere has told me/us the general population to put the coffee/energy drink down. (Love the smell…can’t stand the taste – y’all know what I mean). But then I started in on the article and started to read how it all adds up.

Do I have a caffeine problem? Do I need to cut back? Do I need to drink more water? Do I need to stop worrying and just be a little healthier in general? Well yeah…probably all of the above! I mean come on! We all do! There isn’t a single person out there who probably doesn’t think to themselves… “I wish I didn’t eat as much kimichi last night.” Or hot dog or pizza or rice or whatever!

Over indulging causes problems…period! So be moderate! Look…those 5 hour sleep nights that sometimes happen just need a little extra pick me up than the normal kickstart in the morning (which by the way is a pretty good drink). In the end…take the article for what it’s worth and then personalize it…like we all should do.

The caffeine ‘detox’: How and why to cut back on your daily fix – CNN


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