What have I NOT seen on a run?

This becomes the new question after seeing the picture below someone put as they passed this awkward sign recently in the great sunshine state of Florida. Having run down there numerous times and even on tracks near the Everglades you do come across some black log looking things, and sure enough they have teeth. But…as always…don’t bother them, they won’t bother you…yeah right! Run like hell!

But it made me think…what have I NOT seen on runs, and I’m sure there are a lot, but even this week, came across…let’s see…beaver, possum, raccoon, mouse, chipmunk, large a$$ spider and it’s web and five other ones just like it! You’re welcome everyone who came after me! What else…deer, doe and buck, insects…right in my wide open breathing mouth none the less…how about some birds…hawks…crows…vultures…rabbits…and we can wrap it up with some frogs and egrets.

Heck…I could make a zoo with what I saw this week, and I’m sure there are a million other creepy crawlers out there that could have made there way onto my path during the run to impede my speed. But Gators this time? Sorry…nope. If I do come across something the next time that throws me for a loop, I’ll make sure to ask the local biologist or zoologist what the heck it is, because trust me…the insects sometimes are the ones that look like there from another planet!

FYI…seen dead fish on the road in Florida too!


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