“Melt in your mouth fluffy” Pumpkin Apple Bread Slices – Reason to Run

There are too many ways to express how good this piece of bread is during the fall time and it comes around.  Because if it came around every week of the year, you’d be hearing from a 500lb fat person…even though I run!  This is sooooooooo good!

First off, it’s apple season, so the cooking apples are absolutely amazing anyway.  Then you add into the factor that it’s fall, and the pumpkin flavors are all over the place.  So you can get prime pumpkin seasoning to go here…no not pumpkin spice!  Then…throw on top the absolute mother load of them all…sugar!  It just makes the top of this masterpiece crusted over, and wholesome!  OK…maybe not wholesome…but definitely wholesomely tasty.

This mixture of ingredients really can’t be classified as a true bread loaf…or maybe I guess it could be and we all are thinking of bread differently.  I mean it’s not going to be sliced thin and placed on the bookends of two pieces of meat!  It would be amazing…trust me…but the way to eat this guy is toast it up…and then slather some butter (not margarine!) all over one end…or both if you’re extreme.  Even then…I wouldn’t even truly consider this a lunch time or dinner time sandwich or side toast…this thing is a true desert…or midnight snack…or daytime snack…or 2nd breakfast snack…truth be told…it doesn’t even last a day in the house.

This is one of those…that if you don’t exercise after eating 2…OK 3…OK 5 slices of it…then you might start feeling a little…slower.  These carbs don’t help you run faster.  Sorry!



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