How to nicely ask someone how much they run?

Had a guy today, and we were chatting about running, and just basic stuff. He looked in fit and seemed like he kept up to date about knowing certain fitness stuff, so I wanted to learn a little more about how fast he was. Maybe we could go out together and see the city on a run. So…casually asked, what are you aiming for? (Nice easy way to ask what he was going for in an upcoming race). At this point, he conversation went downwards!

He told me the time…which was an hour faster than my marathon finish, and then proceeded to tell me he won his last 5K while pushing a stroller of two kids. I mean dude…come on! Couldn’t you have just left it at “I’m a mid 6:00 runner with a stroller.” We could have been good from there, and never said another word.

I tried to ask a casual question, and got the…well I’m too fast for you response. (Truth be told there might be some jealousy in this post)


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