When you have a good one…you share! – Another Greenway – Running Locale

Living near one does give a little bias here, but I am a huge proponent of green space and greenways.  I can’t think of a time when I didn’t leave near, or commute near one during the many years running.  So when you come across a good one…you’ve got to share it!

This one literally just jumped out at me!  Having worked and stayed in so many places in the Columbus, GA area over the years…I’d never even heard of nor thought to look for this specific trail.  It really is back tucked away, and heads really towards the outskirts of town…which is the best part!  Sometimes you just gotta get away!

Don’t get me wrong…Columbus has one of the best, if not the best Riverwalk greenways in the entire southeast..save for another post later…but this one aptly named the Fall Line Trace is just awesome!  Don’t know why it’s called that…don’t really care too much…just know this…it goes right from Downtown Columbus (literally connected from one end at the Riverwalk Greenway I discussed earlier…all the way for 11 miles…yes…11 miles to the suburbs of Columbus way up to the Northeast!  You could almost do an entire marathon just on this greenway alone, and never have to touch a single piece of car asphalt!

Little things like this make a street runner happy.

So the trail itself follows an old rail road line and they…as you are starting to see in a lot of places around the south…decided to pave it, and allow folks to work off those morning waffle house breakfasts.  All in all…if you’re down there…check it out…it’s a nice break from the every day grind of the downtown area, and even the somewhat busy riverwalk area.  Thanks Columbus for the nice surprise!

Fall Line Trace Website and Trail Map Link



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