The ultimate running gear article…

So where do we go from here? That’s the question posed by this article from CNN, and the manufacturers and scientists behind the future of fitness tracking technology…and it’s some pretty cool stuff!!

A shirt that tracks your heart rate?!? A drone that follows you to get all your information? (Just hope the drone doesn’t turn Skynet and attack you mid 10 mile run).

This is the future! But to be honest, one of the most interesting pieces about this article that took me for a loop was the history of the future…huh you say? Well, turns out Adidas has actually been doing this since 1984! That number is pretty apropos considering the infamous “big brother” novel of the same year. Apparently back then they incorporated a small computer in the tongue of the shoe! Pretty cool. The only technology I remember in a shoe was the “pump” from Reebok! Those were cool!

So the future is here, and now that I just got my Apple 2, and 3 has just been launched, this says wrists are being phased out. Well, I guess being a minimalist that I am that’s a great future to behold! Just wish I hadn’t put down $300 on a brand new watch… 😦

What the future holds for fitness technology – CNN


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